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Christmas Driving

What would Jesus drive?

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There’s no better day to go for a spin than on Christmas day (apart from drive to work day of course). You will own the road, be able to drive faster than usual, can jump a few lights and no one will notice.

Put the roast in the oven, take the car out the garage, deck it out with sprigs of holly and drive to the sound of your favorite carols.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Drive to Work Day

Drive to Work Day -A great success!

Thanks to all the many thousands of people who turned out en mass to take part in London’s Drive to Work Day. See how we took over the centre of London creating gridlock. (We took an Addison Lee Cab. Great service. Thanks)

Work now begins to make Drive To Work Day 2013 an even greater success. Next years date to be announced early in the New Year.

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The Final Insult

It’s the eve of Drive to Work Day.

While we have already outlined many reasons to drive to work tomorrow we were taken aback when we came across this final insult to car drivers:

It is not enough that we have to pay so much to park our precious cars. To see a fine parking space given over to at least 10 cycle parking spaces so graphically shown with that green car outline is a huge mockery of our simple pastime of driving our cars. As if we needed another reason to protest our plight by taking to 4 wheels tomorrow.

(See our links page for some helpful parking tips for central London tomorrow)

Check back tomorrow for a full report on the day. We are expecting between 100,000 to 200,000 participants who will all be leaving their bikes at home, their walking shoes in the cupboard and their Oyster card in the drawer and taking part in London’s first ever Drive to Work Day

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Free Driving

1 Day to Go


We reported AA President Edmund King’s ambiguous stance towards driving.  He spouts more anti driver drivel following showing of a BBC TV program showing what drivers have to deal with on our roads

Here are 10 more reasons to drive to work on 11th December:

Seeing Red

Traffic lights are good. Road signs are good. They help drivers by keeping us in order. We don’t need to concentrate too much on what is going on around, just on the little red light waiting for it to go green. They keep people not in cars under control, everyone knows who has right of way. No confusion. So what if we have to wait sometime when it’s clearly safe to go. Better a little unnecessary pollution than anarchy on the roads.

So imagine how dismayed we felt when we saw this:

The idea of encouraging drivers to behave in different ways, becoming caring and sharing the road, empathising with pedestrians is absurd. Getting anywhere would take ages if we had to let anyone who chooses to walk, cross the road whenever they wanted to. Roads are for drivers in cars not for people who probably can’t afford a car (so don’t pay the taxes that we all pay for our roads). The current hierarchy on the road is fine thank you Martin Cassini.

Lets hope your views don’t get taken seriously.

Imagine the chaos on Drive to Work Day if the traffic  lights were turned off. Say no to any change in the hierarchy on the road by driving to work on 11th December!

“I like traffic lights red, amber and green” Monty Python’s Flying Circus