Road building plan: Great news for Great Britain

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Great idea from the government

So good to see this news. Enough of the war on the motorist. we need more roads and more cars. Good for the economy, good for Great Britain!

In this time of recession its good to see this government prioritising road building over housing, health and education. They have got their priorities right at last! enough of this ‘green’ stuff, we all know that what this country needs is more people moving around. Why shop locally when you can drive to the out of town shopping centre?

So here is what we’re going to get:

The Bexhill-Hastings link road: 6km in length. £86m.

The Norwich Northern distributor route: 14km, £113m.

The Kingskerswell bypass in Devon: 6km, £108m.

The South Bristol link road: 5km, £43m.

The Lincoln Eastern bypass, 8km, £96m.

A good way to spend our taxes, much better than cycle lanes and subsidised public transport!

Join us on Drive to work day to celebrate more roads for more cars on December 11th.


9 thoughts on “Road building plan: Great news for Great Britain

  1. Transport Planner

    Amazed by the ignorance of this campaign.

    The Government policy is to re-balance the mode splits for commuters to improve accessibility to jobs and services for all sectors of society, as well as tackle air quality and safety. If you want to drive into London this is discouraged because of a huge variety of negative impacts: Firstly the health of a) the driver, from lack of movement and stress, and b) the health of people living and working near major roads from pollutants and particulates created by exhaust fumes. Secondly, traffic costs London and the UK £19bn per year is lost time, wasted fuel and other indirect costs. Why then does this campaign aim to create even higher demand at peak times and therefore more traffic, which can only annoy you more?
    Thirdly, those “arrogant” cyclists (of whom i’am not one) each take a car off the road, meaning there is more free space to allow free movement of vehicle traffic. This HELPS those who are rooted in their cars, so consideration for other on the road is simple courtesy – plus for every arrogant cyclist these is at least one equally arrogant car driver. Further evidence to show how the current level of vehicles is too high can be seen in yesterdays report by the DfT, which looks at trip times on motorway and A roads. This shows that >82.9% of journeys arrive within 5 minutes of their ‘scheduled’ arrival time. Increased traffic levels will only make this figure worse. As an additional note London’s rail network achieves punctuality figures of >91.7% (Network Rail 2012) and people always complain about late trains…..

    If I were you, before promoting such uninformed and simply unintelligent campaigns please look at the wider picture – rather than through the tunnel visioned perspective that you have.

  2. garotthemwithpianowire

    Don’t forget to make the best use possible of bus lanes on Drive to Work day. Have you noticed how drivers just keep out of them even when they are perfectly entitled to drive there? Look at the queue of obliging lemmings waiting in “their” lane as you whizz by in the bus lane! Some councils are even investing in excellent variable-message signs saying “use bus lane” to encourage take-up of this amazing facility! At the moment, until other drivers catch on, so many bus lanes are yours for the taking–just be careful to observe carefully when you can and can’t use them or just hope you aren’t caught out–we don’t want councils making more money out of us hapless, innocent, law-abiding motorists.

    1. David Post author

      Thanks for your excellent recommendation garrotmewithpianowire. We’ be sure to feature your bus lane idea in the run up to December 11 drive to work day. In fact if we all decide to use the bus lanes it will teach those smug bus users a lesson and give the authorities one big headache.

  3. Simon Geller

    I took the time to tot up the total mileage of roads and the cost in the Road Building Plan. (I had to use a calculator ‘cos I’m a bit dim) That’s 165kms in total for £446m or 2.7m per kilometer. Great value for the British Taxpayer! By the way, would you mind using miles rather than kilometres? We are British you know! When you consider how that Lib Dem trainspotter Norman Baker has wasted a stonking £266m on a mere 112 Local Sustainable Transport projects, how much better to have a few decent bits of road we can drive on! (for a few years until they fill up anyway) Thank God someone’s fighting for the hard-pressed British motorist. Harrumph.

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  6. Jonny

    I’m assuming this website is a satirical joke? Very funny indeed! Slightly worrying that some may actually seriously though… there are some very thick people out there!


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