Monthly Archives: May 2014

Please stop colliding with our cars!


We at Drive to Work Day have been astonished by the number of people colliding with our cars. From a recent search we have found that the things that have crashed into our cars include:


Feral Deer

Cyclists crashing into our doors

A miniature train

collides with mini train

Professional cycle racers

A 3-wheeled bike

Pedestrians (many of these)

Motorbike riders and passengers


snake roadkill

…and many more things

In fact we were on a train yesterday which was delayed outside Manningtree because a railway bridge had collided with a car!

What’s a driver to do with all these reckless animals, people and inanimate objects colliding with us? The least you can all do is wear a helmet when you hit us like Charlie here when he collided with one driver who sped round the corner while he was crossing the road: