The Final Insult

It’s the eve of Drive to Work Day.

While we have already outlined many reasons to drive to work tomorrow we were taken aback when we came across this final insult to car drivers:

It is not enough that we have to pay so much to park our precious cars. To see a fine parking space given over to at least 10 cycle parking spaces so graphically shown with that green car outline is a huge mockery of our simple pastime of driving our cars. As if we needed another reason to protest our plight by taking to 4 wheels tomorrow.

(See our links page for some helpful parking tips for central London tomorrow)

Check back tomorrow for a full report on the day. We are expecting between 100,000 to 200,000 participants who will all be leaving their bikes at home, their walking shoes in the cupboard and their Oyster card in the drawer and taking part in London’s first ever Drive to Work Day

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One thought on “The Final Insult

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