Peak car shock!

It’s shocking stuff. People seem to be making fewer trips by car and travelling fewer miles. Not only in the UK but across the western word. The worlds favorite way to get around is in decline.

This is tragic. Are our once beautiful roads going to end up empty like this?

What is the reason?

  • People get the bus
  • Space is taken away from cars and given to walkers and bicyclists
  • People work and shop nearer home in cities
  • They can’t afford the outrageous fuel price and tax

More from Wikipedia and on our links page

Check out Iain Jaques’ black & white postpeakcartastic images re-imagine all those lovely roads in a future beyond car cultureĀ PostPeakCarTastic

We must act now to get more people making more trips by car more often?

What can we do?

  • Promote driving in school
  • Offer free/subsidised driving lessons for young people
  • Make it easier to pass the driving test
  • Allow people to start driving younger and keep driving as long as they want
  • Reduce public transport and make it much more expensive
  • Slow down the trains
  • Make bicyclists pay road tax and a high VAT rate
  • Employers give incentives to people who drive to work
  • Build more out of town shopping centres
  • Raise speed limits across the UK and remove traffic calming
  • Priority lanes on motorways for single occupancy vehicles
  • Free driving helmets and gloves

Be sure to let us know any more ideas to get the nation driving again.

Join us and protest against peak car, don’t wait for drive to work day on December 11th start driving to work tomorrow!






3 thoughts on “Peak car shock!

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  2. sam

    Great website! Another thing we should be doing is having more police standing at junctions giving tickets to cyclists for jumping red lights.

    0.1% of serious accidents between cyclists and cars are caused by cyclists jumping red lights!! You can get the references here:

    Isn’t that shocking – those green crazy road tax avoiding cyclists are causing accidents by jumping red lights. Think of those poor car drivers that have to clean blood off their car because some stupid cyclists won’t follow our perfectly designed road system.

    This country wastes too much money on traffic police, CCTV cameras and speed cameras. We should sell all the cameras so we can employ more police to give tickets to cyclists jumping red lights. Using CCTV to punish dangerous drivers is a waste of money because cyclists deserve to get run over for slowing us down in our rush to get to the next queue (ahhh I do love a good traffic queue). In fact why are police even trying to solve unimportant crime, like muggings, assault, etc – clearly punishing cyclists for jumping red lights is much more important.

    Currently I see police at junctions ticketing cyclists about 2 or 3 times on my 4 mile journey, I want to see EVERY junction with police ticketing cyclists.


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