Better safe than sorry


Around 2000 people die annually on UK roads. The majority of these are car drivers, many of whom suffer head injuries. Clearly the air bag isn’t enough protection, so we hope drivers will consider wearing a motoring helmet on London’s drive to work day and every time they get in a car.

Why should it be acceptable only for cyclists to wear helmets and not us drivers. Ensure you and any passengers especially young ones wear this additional protection, even on short trips. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Motoring helmet websites we like:

Why don’t drivers wear helmets yahoo questions

Buy your driving helmet here

5 thoughts on “Better safe than sorry

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  2. Andrew Reeves-Hall

    An MP tweeted this today…
    @PeterBoneMP: Bicycle helmets save lives and prevent serious injury. How can anyone be opposed to them? #ridiculous

    I have asked him to confirm if he advocates that people walking or riding in cars should also be wearing helmets. No reply as of yet.

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