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How Safe are British Roads?

(A BBC2 series asks this question)

The UK is one of the safest countries in the world, according to Wikipedia, in fact the UK is the 5th safest (after The Marshall Islands, Sweden, San Merino and Malta) with only 3.59 people killed per 100,000 .The French kill 7 people and the Americans 12.3. The most dangerous country with 48.5 dead per 100,000 is Eritrea.

We could do even better.

Here is an example of a crash easily avoided (admittedly it wasn’t fatal).

This car turned upside down by traffic calming bell in Islington, London. A measure put in to calm traffic which makes it harder to drive, slower and could even damage our vehicle (if we try this after a pint). Why should we be forced to slow down in our cars to squeeze past one of these?

Look at the picture of a bicycle in the middle of the road. All the driver did was to try and overtake a slow bicyclist who was riding in the middle of his lane, taking the p*ss. His car was wrecked and he was bruised because of the cyclist.

Drivers shouldn’t have to slow down because some people can’t afford a car and choose to cycle. If we get rid of all road calming measures and there’d be fewer crashes like this one.

That would be safer for all of us!





Denationalising British roads good for drivers

So says the Institute of Economic Affairs .The IEA goes on to state:

A privatised road network would be cheaper and faster for motorists

Allowing private owners to negotiate routes, set toll rates, control access and determine rules for users would:

1.     Ensure more efficient use of existing capacity

2.     Provide more efficient investment in new capacity

3.     Allocate traffic flows more efficiently

4.     Smooth traffic jams

5.     Reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities

6.     Allow innovations such as higher speed limits and heavier lorries

Dr Richard Wellings, Head of Transport at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“For too long British drivers have had to pay over the odds for a road network that is simply not up to scratch. It is lamentable that this vital area of infrastructure has been neglected by government after government. Denationalising the network would ensure British motorists had better roads to drive on. It would also be much cheaper and mean an end to the enormous burden of motoring taxes like fuel duty.”

It could also mean that those non road paying bicyclists and pedestrians could at last be asked to pay to cycle or walk on the newly privatised roads. I’m sure you are as sick as we are of these road tax dodgers talking up space on  our roads slowing us down, getting in our way!

In fact all these people (Drivers of electric cars, disabled people, children who walk or cycle, adults who only cycle, horses, tractor drivers, emergency vehicles, vintage car owners) could be forced to pay to use the newly privatised roads.

Bring on road privatisation. Good for drivers and good for Britain!

Better safe than sorry


Around 2000 people die annually on UK roads. The majority of these are car drivers, many of whom suffer head injuries. Clearly the air bag isn’t enough protection, so we hope drivers will consider wearing a motoring helmet on London’s drive to work day and every time they get in a car.

Why should it be acceptable only for cyclists to wear helmets and not us drivers. Ensure you and any passengers especially young ones wear this additional protection, even on short trips. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Motoring helmet websites we like:

Why don’t drivers wear helmets yahoo questions

Buy your driving helmet here

If only we had one of these…

The space shuttle Endeavour is on its way from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center in Exposition Park. Wouldn’t be amazing to have a space shuttle on London’s Drive to Work Day. What an impact it would make. What a message it would send. The naysayers talk about peak oil and peak car. There’s enough oil to to power our cars for the next century at least. No need to scrimp. Drive to work on 11th December for lower fuel prices.

Road building plan: Great news for Great Britain

zombie roads

Great idea from the government

So good to see this news. Enough of the war on the motorist. we need more roads and more cars. Good for the economy, good for Great Britain!

In this time of recession its good to see this government prioritising road building over housing, health and education. They have got their priorities right at last! enough of this ‘green’ stuff, we all know that what this country needs is more people moving around. Why shop locally when you can drive to the out of town shopping centre?

So here is what we’re going to get:

The Bexhill-Hastings link road: 6km in length. £86m.

The Norwich Northern distributor route: 14km, £113m.

The Kingskerswell bypass in Devon: 6km, £108m.

The South Bristol link road: 5km, £43m.

The Lincoln Eastern bypass, 8km, £96m.

A good way to spend our taxes, much better than cycle lanes and subsidised public transport!

Join us on Drive to work day to celebrate more roads for more cars on December 11th.


Welcome to London’s Drive to Work Day Website

In two months on 11 December 2012 join us in your car (or in a cab) on London’s Streets to share the joy of driving and show those walkers, tube users, cyclists and bus users who is king.

The cabbies did it:


The lorry drivers did it:


Now it’s time to reclaim the streets for the ordinary car driver like you and me.


Introducing Drive to Work Day

Worried by the war on the motorist?

Pissed off by the price of petrol?

Annoyed by the arrogance of cyclists and bus users?

Then leave your bike at home, your bus pass in the drawer, your walking shoes in the cupboard and join thousands of others on Tuesday 11th December for London’s first Drive to Work Day.

Experience the rush, the freedom of London streets empty of pesky cyclers and walkers. Laugh as you wizz by the empty buses and tubes.