Seeing Red

Traffic lights are good. Road signs are good. They help drivers by keeping us in order. We don’t need to concentrate too much on what is going on around, just on the little red light waiting for it to go green. They keep people not in cars under control, everyone knows who has right of way. No confusion. So what if we have to wait sometime when it’s clearly safe to go. Better a little unnecessary pollution than anarchy on the roads.

So imagine how dismayed we felt when we saw this:

The idea of encouraging drivers to behave in different ways, becoming caring and sharing the road, empathising with pedestrians is absurd. Getting anywhere would take ages if we had to let anyone who chooses to walk, cross the road whenever they wanted to. Roads are for drivers in cars not for people who probably can’t afford a car (so don’t pay the taxes that we all pay for our roads). The current hierarchy on the road is fine thank you¬†Martin Cassini.

Lets hope your views don’t get taken seriously.

Imagine the chaos on Drive to Work Day if the traffic  lights were turned off. Say no to any change in the hierarchy on the road by driving to work on 11th December!

“I like traffic lights red, amber and green” Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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