Have a lovely Drive to Work toDay!



Here’s a quick reminder why we are driving to work today;

Worried by the war on the motorist?

Pissed off by the price of petrol?

Annoyed by the arrogance of cyclists and bus users?

Then leave your bike at home, your bus pass in the drawer, your walking shoes in the cupboard and join thousands of others on Wednesday 11th December for London’s second Drive to Work Day.

Experience the rush, the freedom of London streets empty of pesky cyclers and walkers. Laugh as you whizz by the empty buses and tubes.

We are also driving to work to:

We also welcome fellow supporters who, like us, are mad. Mad about driving and mad about the treatment of drivers.

The Driver’s Union    (@DriverUnion) and Drive East Midlands  (@EastMidsDrivers) will be joining us (as will Kieth Peat if his dog  @KeithPeatsDog lets him)

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