Separation for a safer-nation

Separate cycle lanes are good for car driving

Check this out:

Bicyclists invading London roads taking up space from drivers. Spilling out of the cycle lane on Old Street and onto our roads, in our way. Why are they using Euston Road where there aren’t even any cycle lanes?

Why aren’t they sticking to their cycle lanes?

Because there aren’t enough cycle lanes in London. London bicyclists say they want them and car drivers should definitely want them.

London used to be an easy place to drive. Hardly anyone rode bicycles. (Pedestrians were protected by railings keeping them out of our way.) Things are changing for the worse. Bicyclists and walkers are moving into our space. Are they brave or stupid? Our roads are becoming more walker/cycle friendly which isn’t not good for drivers.

Look what’s happened to a once great driving road, Exhibition Road:

Then                                                     Now

People walking randomly around the cars forcing drivers to move slowly and look out for them. What is the world coming to?

What can we do about it?

We need to separate people, not mix them up forcing them to look out for each other. Put back railings to separate the walkers from the bikes and build more separate cycle lanes to get those bicyclists out our way.

(And if a bicyclist strays onto our space give them a blast on the horn and ride close to their back wheel and tell them where to go…back to their separate cycle lane. That’ll teach them. And bicyclists ring your bell when a walker is in your way)

We don’t mean lanes like these strips of blue paint in London.

Cyclists don’t stick to them. They move out into our lanes or the bus lane to overtake each other. They should be segregated and riding single file!

Just like railings keep walkers out the way and are good for bike riders. Separate cycle lanes are good for drivers.

Separation for a safer-nation

7 thoughts on “Separation for a safer-nation

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  2. Stuart

    “if a bicyclist strays onto our space give them a blast on the horn and ride close to their back wheel and tell them where to go”

    That would be dangerous driving. Anyone who did it ought to be arrested. And it’s shameful to encourage it on your irresponsible website.

  3. seven

    If you drove close to my wheel and blasted your horn at me I would probably feel the need to retalliate violently. I don’t think you are too smart buddy.

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