Welcome to London’s Drive to Work Day Website

In two months on 11 December 2012 join us in your car (or in a cab) on London’s Streets to share the joy of driving and show those walkers, tube users, cyclists and bus users who is king.

The cabbies did it:


The lorry drivers did it:


Now it’s time to reclaim the streets for the ordinary car driver like you and me.


One thought on “Welcome to London’s Drive to Work Day Website

  1. i can't believe it's not butter

    Upon stumbling on this site I was going to leave a congratulatory comment, but then I read this:

    (or in a cab)
    Are you joking?
    Using a cab is as low down as car sharing, the only time the use of a cab is acceptable is if your car is in for repairs, the garage has run out of courtesy car and your wife and kids are using the other household vehicles at the time, there is no other valid reason.


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