Introducing Drive to Work Day

Worried by the war on the motorist?

Pissed off by the price of petrol?

Annoyed by the arrogance of cyclists and bus users?

Then leave your bike at home, your bus pass in the drawer, your walking shoes in the cupboard and join thousands of others on Tuesday 11th December for London’s first Drive to Work Day.

Experience the rush, the freedom of London streets empty of pesky cyclers and walkers. Laugh as you wizz by the empty buses and tubes.

One thought on “Introducing Drive to Work Day

  1. Richard

    This sounds great, we’ll show those idiot bicyclers. Maybe we should all go through every red light like every cyclist does in London. They only do it to dodge paying road tax, that’s the real tax evasion in this country. I mean noone could want to ride a bike if they can afford a car. I hate the way they overtake me on the left and the right, it’s really deeply offensive to me, they shouldn’t even be passing me on one side of the road if they don’t pay road tax, they should have to stay on the pavement. and they shouldn’t be allowed to wear that lycrashorts, i mean children might see them, and it’s unsuitable. and some of those dickheads ride on the pavement, it’s dangerous, they could hit a war veteran.

    I aspire to own 5 cars. Maybe then we can organise a Drive To Work Week so i can drive one each day.


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