A celebration of some of London’s best places to drive.

London’s North Circular A406

(Thanks again G for your suggestion)

The fabulous North Circular road. Not only is it a great driving road, it is also a symbol of enlightened pro driving initiative.
Everybody knows that this road is never congested, and if it is it’s the cyclists’ fault. By its nature (circular) it thankfully rarely goes where you want to go. And you’d be silly not to double your 3 mile journey by using this beauty. But more importantly it has been built where previously there were just ordinary streets that everybody could use, slow pedestrians, hippies on bicycles and even children. Luckily they have done away with that nonsense and designed this beautiful road exclusively for driving. They even made everybody pay for building it whether they have a car or not. Now there is a subsidy I like.

All roads should be like this.


Old Street Roundabout

(Where the City Road A501 meets Old Street A5201)

(Thanks to Sk8dancer for his picture)

This fast flowing roundabout where the east west Old Street meets the north south city road is a crucial intersection and fairly fast flowing for driving. According to the London Cycling Campaign it  is notorious for cycling crashes. Why cyclists use it is incomprehensible. They should keep out the way and stick to their cycle lanes, letting us drivers drive without let or hindrance. We have been led to understand that they would like the roundabout removed and turned into a junction. Crazy idea that would impede the current smooth traffic flow around it (despite the daft traffic lights recently installed which slows everything down). Fortunately drivers rarely encounter walkers since there is an underground subway and shopping centre (St Agnes Well) which keeps them out of our way.

A13 in Barking

A real favourite must be the A13 in Barking. They increased the speed limit from a measly 40 to 50 for the perfectly understandable reason that people were doing 50 anyway. Cyclists and other obstacles are put on the pavement and on bridges and underpasses. So nothing to worry about at all. Great driving location with nothing to disturb the smooth flow of high speed traffic. Wonderful place

(Thanks to GW for this suggestion)

Holloway Road (A1)

Holloway road is part of the A1 and one of the best places to drive in London. Generally quite speedy, with only a few annoying traffic lights, particularly irritating is the crossing for bikes near Islington Library. Some great buildings to drive past like the Coronet pub and the Odeon cinema (and none of those annoying blue cycle ‘highways’). So far untouched by the traffic engineers though the removal of the railings in the middle of the road encourages people on foot to randomly cross the road (and if you knock them down it’ll be your fault! ridiculous). Should be good place to drive on drive to work day.


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  2. Sean

    These types of road are great, like the one’s in Holland that avoid the horrible quiet green residential areas, and take motorist right through scenic industrial and commercial areas so that you can see the beauty of the towns and cities that you pass through


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