Denationalising British roads good for drivers

So says the Institute of Economic Affairs .The IEA goes on to state:

A privatised road network would be cheaper and faster for motorists

Allowing private owners to negotiate routes, set toll rates, control access and determine rules for users would:

1.     Ensure more efficient use of existing capacity

2.     Provide more efficient investment in new capacity

3.     Allocate traffic flows more efficiently

4.     Smooth traffic jams

5.     Reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities

6.     Allow innovations such as higher speed limits and heavier lorries

Dr Richard Wellings, Head of Transport at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“For too long British drivers have had to pay over the odds for a road network that is simply not up to scratch. It is lamentable that this vital area of infrastructure has been neglected by government after government. Denationalising the network would ensure British motorists had better roads to drive on. It would also be much cheaper and mean an end to the enormous burden of motoring taxes like fuel duty.”

It could also mean that those non road paying bicyclists and pedestrians could at last be asked to pay to cycle or walk on the newly privatised roads. I’m sure you are as sick as we are of these road tax dodgers talking up space on  our roads slowing us down, getting in our way!

In fact all these people (Drivers of electric cars, disabled people, children who walk or cycle, adults who only cycle, horses, tractor drivers, emergency vehicles, vintage car owners) could be forced to pay to use the newly privatised roads.

Bring on road privatisation. Good for drivers and good for Britain!

3 thoughts on “Denationalising British roads good for drivers

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  2. Archibaldo Hope

    Would you put them for auction?, How would you set the bidding base? , What would you do with the recouped resources?, The land occupied by roads will be sold or leased?, What if some of it was acquired by expropiation based on publico good?.
    It is an interesting idea that needs lots of thinking and discussion.

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